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@00:18Looks so innocent! XD
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tigrin Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008  Professional Filmographer
I don't give a rat's ass :D Please read the description before leaving a comment like this.
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@00:12the first person to make a difference is you :)
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I'm sorry that I have to resubmit this! Thank you everyone who commented on or favorited the previous deviation. :)

This is the film that our team made at KAFI for the Cartoon Challenge. For those who don't know what the Cartoon Challenge is: Ten schools were chosen from a number of applicants to compete in the competition. We flew out to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and our team had four days (from Monday at 10 AM to Thursday at 5 PM) to create a finished, 30 second PSA on the topic of "global warming". We ate and slept in the building and worked around the clock, and we finished around 9 AM on Thursday morning. It was our school's first time as a part of the competition.

There were two awards for the competition... a Judge's award and a People's Choice awards. We didn't win either, but that's alright. We learned a lot making this, and got a lot of experience from it. We worked hard preparing for the competition and we worked our asses off working on this. Of course there are things we could have fixed or done differently... but ultimately, I'm proud of what we did.

Here's what I did on the film (that I can remember):
- Concept art
- All backgrounds colored in Photoshop... most layouts penciled by Lee
- Breakdowns and in-betweens for scene two (mother looking around for baby)
- Clean up for scenes three and five (baby appears on mom's head, mom snuggles baby)
- Animation for scene seven (baby trips while running and slides)
- Animation and clean-up for scene where baby cries and reaches for mother
- Animation and clean-up for scene where mother cries for baby
- Flash coloring for various scenes
- Scanning

We weren't allowed to put credits on the film, and not everyone has a DeviantArt account, so here is what everyone else did (that I remember D: )... some things (such as story) we all contributed to. I'm so sorry if I don't remember exactly who did what and what everyone did now...
Karina Gazizova -- Direction, technical direction, ink and paint, animation, concept art
Lee Tong -- Animation, clean-up, ink and paint, sound direction, layouts, concept art
George Yang -- Animation, clean-up, ink and paint, scanning, concept art
Sierra Lewis -- Character designs, storyboards, clean-up, ink and paint, concept art

The entire film was done traditionally on paper and cleaned up with pen. The frames were individually scanned and colored in Flash (which is partly why the lines are so choppy... please don't mention it, we know!). The film was put together in Premiere with royalty-free soundclips.

Yes, we're aware polar bears can swim. :)

I have disabled comments! I honestly could not care less what you think regarding global warming or polar bears so STOP TELLING ME! I really hate to do this but no one seems to get it.

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Given 2008-11-03
On Thin Ice by ~tigrin "A wonderful animation with an important message." ( Suggested by AndyGassner and Featured by Marker-Guru )
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